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Hello Everyone!

This is the Official Sqaishey Quack website.

Sqaishey is a Youtuber who makes gaming content for people of all ages!

This website shows some of their best video playlists and current livestream schedule.

Thanks for checking it out :)


Videos are uploaded at 7:15pm (UK Time) from Monday to Saturday!

Check out some of the most recent/ongoing series below :)

slime 1.png

This sequel to the original game Slime Rancher is ADORABLE!

Sqaishey explores Rainbow Island finding new slime friends and coming up with the cutest slime combinations possible. The story of this game is super mysterious but we can unlock those secrets together!

Sqaishey joins StacyPlays on a mossy mission!

Moss Quest is a Minecraft Let's Play series playing through the Moss Block map made by Noxcrew.

This beautiful world is also deadly. You can only stand on moss while trying to restore all the pollen back to the heart flower. This series is full of very funny moments and is a must watch!

Moss Block 7 copy.png

Another fun filled Minecraft series.

Sqaishey is on a mission to fill-up their once abandoned village called "Village Keep".

During their quest to search around the world for new villagers to populate the village. 

As the series goes on, we see so many personalities popping up in the town.

Villager Round-Up 22 copy.png
Vet 5 copy (1).png

One of the... weirder video series...

Sqaishey is joined by their partner Stampy and they play through a vet simulator game.

This series has quickly become a fan favourite.

If you like random and immature humour, this one is for you.

Pikmin 1 copy.png

Sqaishey explores strange worlds with the help of our little plant pals the 'Pikmin!"

These creatures have special abilities which will allow us to complete puzzles, gather up treasures find out new things!

350 copy.png

Sqaishey's main Minecraft series that started in 2014!

Sqaishey plays in their home, "Feather Adventures". 

They build new, fun things, sometimes accompanied by their friends Ebby and Stori Bunny! Weird portals have started appearing around their world, linking to new dimensions. What could this mean?

Stampy and Sqaishey play Luigi's Mansion 3!

They battle through each floor of a haunted hotel. Sucking up ghosts and mainly making a mess.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is full of puzzles and it is a lot of fun.

This series started as a "Spooky Series" for October 2023 alongside other games like Love Ghostie, Haunt The House & The Halloween Ooblets Update!

Luigi 1.png


Below are some of the best COMPLETE video series' on Sqaisheys Channel.

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