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Hello Everyone!

This is the Official Sqaishey Quack website.

Sqaishey is a Youtuber who makes gaming content for people of all ages!

This website shows some of their current video series' and Livestream schedule.

Thanks for checking it out :)

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Sqaishey's main Minecraft series that started in 2014!

Sqaishey plays in their home, "Feather Adventures".

They build new, fun things, sometimes accompanied by their friends Ebby and Stori Bunny!

Weird portals have started appearing around their world, linking to new dimensions. What could this mean?

Another fun filled Minecraft series.

Sqaishey is on a mission to fill-up their once abandoned village called "Village Keep".

During their quest to search around the world for new villagers to populate the village. 

As the series goes on, we see so many personalities popping up in the town.

Villager Round-Up 22 copy.png
bugsnax 13 copy.png

Bugsnax is an interesting game.

At first it seems lovely, sweet and thriving with cute (and seemingly tasty) creatures but there is an interesting and very well hidden secret.

 Sqaishey completes missions for the grumps in Snaxburg, bringing the community back together, all while searching for those who has mysteriously disappeared...

The newest series with Stampylongnose and Sqaishey.

Stampy and Sqaishey have no plan for this series apart from do whatever they feel like (often getting distracted).

Watch the two fumble their way around their Minecraft world in the only way they know how... being silly...

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